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Only one person per profession is allowed to join our organization.

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Grand Strand Professionals Membership Application

Click HERE to read our ByLaws. ByLaws are strictly enforced so please do not complete
a membership application unless you are able to satisfy the obligations of a Grand Strand Professional.
Business Name:
City: State: Zip:
Cell #:

Describe your company and/or services you provide:

Please provide the name & phone number of a business associate we can call for a reference.
Name: Phone:

Are you willing and able to commit to attend weekly meetings? Yes No

Do you have someone to act as a substitute in your absence? Yes No

Do you belong to another organization that would interfere with your loyalty to GSP? Yes No

Do you promise to build trust and loyalty with fellow GSP members and customers referred to you? Yes No

Do you promise to provide a high quality of service at the price you quote? Yes No

Do you promise to contact and follow up timely with referrals you receive? Yes No

Do you promise to display a high ethical standard within your profession and among GSP members and customers? Yes No

Please complete the section below for additional information you want to provide.


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